Flower Vase. Kid Craft D.I.Y

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Anybody else's kids love to pick you flowers (dandelions, wild daises, etc)? This little flower vase is absolutely precious and a great little do-it-yourself craft kit for your kiddos.  They have the option to leave the vase the natural wood color or to color/paint it as they please. Once that's done, simply attach the back using some super glue or loctite and ta-da, it's ready for those precious handpicked flowers. 

Want another awesome benefit of these? Not only are they adorable and make a cute desk item, it also entertained my daughter for nearly an hour.  As a busy parent we can all find value in that...am I right?

The vase can be left blank or you can customize from one of the following options:
Flowers for :
Mom, Mama, Mommy, Granny, Grammy, Grandma, Nana, Nanny, Gigi, (Memaw, Mamaw, Mimi, Gran--these fonts my be a bit different, but are available)

They are roughly 6" in length.
They come in two pieces: The vase and the stand.