Flower Vase. Kid Craft D.I.Y

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Anybody else's kids love to pick you flowers (dandelions, wild daises, etc)? This little flower vase is absolutely precious and a great little do-it-yourself craft kit for your kiddos.  They have the option to leave the vase the natural wood color or to paint it with the paint provided. 

Want another awesome benefit of these? Not only are they adorable and make a cute desk item, it also entertained my daughter for nearly an hour.  As a busy parent we can all find value in that...am I right?

The vase can be left blank or you can customize from one of the following options:
Flowers for :
Mom, Mama, Mommy, Granny, Grammy, Grandma, Nana, Nanny, Gigi, Memaw, Mamaw, Mimi, Gran, etc. 

They are roughly 8" in length.
They come in two pieces: The vase and the stand.