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Hey y’all. I just wanted to introduce myself, the owner of Countryview Creations. My name is Erika, as you probably put together already. 

I’m married to my college sweetheart, Devin. We met when he worked at Lowe’s...he carried out my mom’s potting soil. We dated for almost five years before we said “I Do.” After we got married I moved to his county where he was already established with a home and a career as a middle grades English teacher.   While living in a new area I began trying pins and crafts that would inspire me on Pinterest.  We soon started a side business/hobby. The things we made then were mostly made from wood that Devin would cut and I would paint.  But honestly, that became too much for him with his full time job so I knew I had to find something I could do mostly on my own. I got a machine and learned to make shirts. This spiraled into other things.

When I started hand stamping I instantly loved it. It was difficult but I enjoyed the challenge and working with my hands. I have grown so much in my hand stamping since then, but it still one of my favorites.

I love creating unique shirts and jewelry items. I run the business out of our home and ship nationally. I hit all 50 states this past year!! Which for a little Kentucky girl meant a lot to me.

I really love that I can work from home because that means I get to stay with our beautiful, sassy, two year old daughter, Caroline! She is our why for everything we do in life. Caroline enjoys hanging out with me while I create new things. She even has her own hammer for stamping! 

I hope y’all will follow along as this small business with big goals continues to grow. Please reach out to me if you have anything custom you’d like done. 



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